Report a Bully

Zero Tolerance for Bullying

Moore ES is committed to providing a safe, secure, and respectful learning environment for all students and employees. We strive to address bullying and cyberbullying so that there is no disruption to the learning environment and learning process. Today and everyday we challenge you to be an upstander. Use your voice to speak out for yourself and those around you. SafeVoice was created for you to anonymously submit a tip of concern about your safety or well-being or that of a friend or classmate. Speaking up ensures that your school campus remains a safe and welcoming place. Through SafeVoice, trained professionals are available to respond 24/7/365 to any tips received. Submit a tip here or download the app on your cellular telephone from the Apple App Store or on Google Play today.


SafeVoice is an anonymous tip report system with live response 24/7/365. SafeVoice (SV) includes and goes beyond bullying to create an anonymous way to also report threats of school violence and friends at risk of suicide, self-harm, drugs and more.