Plan of Operations

Plan of Operations Timeline (Subject to change)


  • Schools receive strategic budget for the upcoming school year.

  • The School Performance Plan template for the upcoming school year is opened.

January  – February

  • The principal, with the assistance and advice of the School Organizational Team, develops the Plan of Operation, consisting of the strategic budget and School Performance Plan.

  • The principal presents the Plan of Operation in a public Team meeting.


  • The principal submits the Plan of Operation to the School Associate Superintendent for approval.


  • The School Associate Superintendents review, verify, and approve School Plans of Operation.

  • Final budgets must be approved and submitted to the Strategic Budget Resources department by close of business on February


  • The principal posts the approved Plan of Operation on the school website.

April - August

  • Schools adjust School Performance Plans, based upon achievement data, feedback, and state requirements.


  • District staffing count day (on or about the fourth week of each school year).

  • The principal holds Results Season meeting and presents school achievement and survey data for the prior year in a public meeting, sets measurable objectives, and revises plan as necessary.

  • The principal, in consultation with the School Organizational Team, sets measurable objectives and makes revisions to their School Performance Plan and makes adjustments to strategic budgets based on actual student enrollment. If the Plan of Operation requires significant change, an amendment to the plan is submitted to the School Associate Superintendent for approval.

Performance Plans

Schools will conduct School Performance Planning at the same time as they are working on their budget for the upcoming school year. By aligning the budget and the School Performance Plan (SPP), schools can allocate resources in alignment with observed needs from school data, including accountability and survey measures. The strategic budget and the SPP together comprise the school’s Plan of Operation. Principals must work with their School Organizational Teams on the development of the Plan. Please see the School Organizational Teams section for specific details regarding this process.

Strategic Budgeting

A basic premise of the reorganization of the Clark County School District is that resources are to be aligned with responsibility for results. Budget plans for school results should be developed and implemented by the schools and budget plans for central results should be developed and implemented by the central departments and divisions.

On an annual basis, a decision is made as to the responsibility and aligned resources assigned to schools and central departments.

To create the strategic budget, the various formulas that are currently used by CCSD were used to aggregate the school’s allocations and develop a per-student funding mechanism as the basis for funding a school’s operation. In addition, certain student learning conditions warranted a weighted allocation beyond the base.

School Performance Plan: Roadmap to Success