No school can work well for children if parents and teachers do not act in partnership on behalf of the children's best interests.

-Dorothy H. Cohen-

AB 195

Assembly Bill 195

Assembly Bill 195 (AB 195) revises provisions relating to pupils who are English learners. Approved by Governor Steve Sisolak on June 2, 2021, AB 195 extends the rights of English learner pupils and parental rights. Section three of the bill included in the documents below provides an overview of these rights.

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Should a concern arise, please first contact your child's teacher to address the issue. If you are not able to get a resolution, please come to the front office to fill out a concern form and someone will contact you within 24 hrs.

Please refer to the following documents to know how to effectively communicate with the school.


Parking Safety

Moore ES Parking Lot Procedures DROP OFF/PICK UP

Moore Families, please review the following for our DROP OFF and PICK UP parking lot procedures. Remember to pack your patience! Students are watching our every move and we need to be role models at all times.

  • Parent/families will only be allowed to walk students to their blue stars during the first week of school only. Beginning August 19, 2019, parents/guardians must check in at the front office as a visitor.

  • Safety of our students is the utmost concern.

  • All Students live within 2 miles of the school and group walking is encouraged.

  • Do not allow students to run through the parking lot.

  • Designated staff will be visible in the parking lot.

  • No entering the bus lane on the south side of the parking lot at any time.

  • Students enter the gate based on their room number (50’s 60’s and 70’s through the right side of the school and 30’s and 40’s through the left. Kinder will enter through the gate adjacent to the kinder playground)

  • DROP AND GO is for dropping off students and staying IN your vehicle. Do NOT leave vehicles unattended in the loop at any time.

  • The middle THRU lane must be clear for through lane traffic at all times- required by law to ensure emergency vehicle access.

  • The parking lot will have one way in and one way out to avoid crossing traffic illegally in the loop.

  • Speed limit is 5 mph in the loop and parking lot.

  • RIGHT TURN exit on Lamb is HIGHLY encouraged! Left turns hold up the entire loop.

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