Who was William K Moore?

William K. Moore

July 7, 1932 - June 11, 2011

I was born a long time ago in a farmhouse in eastern Kansas. I grew up believing life was milking cows. plowing the fields, and playing baseball. At age eighteen I moved to Omaha, Nebraska to go to college. After college, I was drafted into the Army because the United States needed soldiers in Korea. Alter a short time in the army, I was happy to begin teaching school, a career I had chosen in college. I started teaching high school, moved to junior high for a brief time, and then moved to elementary school. There I found the job I liked best.

My experience includes teaching students from Kindergarten children to college graduate students. I also coached football, basketball, baseball, and track at various times. Alter several teaching experiences, I was hired to be an elementary principal, a position I enjoyed and respected.

My professional career spans nine are of teaching and thirty-three years of school administration. (Don't try to count them. Some years I did more than one job.) I enjoyed my professional co-workers, the wonderful parents, and most of all, those bright-eyed, smiling children who were "my students".